Sunday, June 15, 2008


I don't know what's the bigger accomplishment, that I've been in Iqaluit for two months or that I'm finally a graduate after two and a half years of school! All kidding aside, Friday the 13th marked the official day of convocation of graduates from the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS). Grad school was an amazing journey, full of great people and good memories, and somewhere along the way, I think I also learned a few things. I definitely matured a lot more during grad school than I did in undergrad.

Of course, given my present location, I didn't think it was worth flying back to Calgary for convocation which is a little sad because I didn't go to the convocation for my undergrad degree as well. Maybe I'll Photoshop a robe and hat on myself and give it to my parents. They deserve it.

I'm in good hands at work. I planted the seed of my convocation a couple of weeks ago and was presented with a lovely homemade cake from my boss on the big day! I love the people I work with. The cake was FANTASTIC. Yum! By some strange coincidence, I was wearing my EVDS orange shirt as well, totally unplanned. Check it out below.

On the Iqaluit side of things, work is keeping me extremely busy but I have found the time to check out the various groups and societies in town. Sometimes it seems like I moved up here just so I could join stuff: greenhouse society, fitness society, music society, humane society etc... I would add the martial arts club as well but my wrists were dying after one session so I had to end that. Learning to disarm a foe in five seconds is fun but what good is it if your wrists hurt after? I need them at work dude.

Purple Saxifrage, the official flower of Nunavut, is in bloom and I can't wait too see everything else follow. It should be glorious under the midnight sun.


Jennith Peart said...

Very awesome picture. Did you use photoshop to selectively make it black and white? I'm honoured that you consider my blog to be worthy. :D Thanks for linking to me.

Kate Nova said...

Congrats on the grad! I never made it to any of my grads either.
Also really love the saxifrage photo.

Reefer said...

Thanks you two!

Jennith, I used some presets in Adobe Lightroom, found one that gave a unique look and then played around from there. There wasn't a lot of colour in the original file to begin with so not a lot of it was left after I applied the preset!

I have no idea where you're located so I hope I put you under the right heading!